Comparatively Speaking...

Monday July 1st, 2002

Linux Online recently compared the major Linux browsers, including the Mozilla-based trio of Mozilla 1.0, Netscape 6.2 and Galeon. Reviewer Michael J Jordan praises Mozilla's stability, tabbed browsing, rendering and customisation.

As mentioned by fondacio on our forums, the International Herald and Tribune took a look at Mozilla, Opera and NeoPlanet (note that the site doesn't seem to work in some builds of Mozilla). Reviewer Lee Dembart says that "Mozilla is impressive and has it all over Opera." He especially likes the ability to block pop-ups, tabbed browsing and pipelining.

UPDATE! tuxracer writes: "I've put up a browser comparison list, comparing various features that affect usability and W3C standards compliance. It compares Mozilla 1.0, Netcaptor 7.01, Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows), and Internet Explorer 5.x (Mac)."

#119 Re: Ignoring

by kristen

Wednesday July 10th, 2002 4:23 AM

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Ya know, there really isn't any need to be so abrasive. If you would have taken the time to follow your own advice and read this thread yourself, rather than accusing me of not knowing the facts, you would see that I already know that 'NIMDA does not require email'.

All you and tuxracer have done is repeat what I already know, with links to pages I have already read (including links that link to another post within this same thread). This was my reason for not replying to tuxracer and most of the reason I didn't reply to you (I've sensed somewhat of an obnoxious 'air' to you that I don't really don't want to waste my time with, sorry :( ).

I guess that's all I really have to say to you. At least I'm not ignoring you in this specific instance. ;)