Mozilla 1.0.1 is Basically Done

Friday June 28th, 2002

Judson Valeski has posted a newsgroup message saying that Mozilla 1.0.1 is almost complete. "Approvals have been tighter since Monday (the 24th), and the idea is that they will become nonexistent starting this Monday (July 1st, 2002)." Mozilla 1.0.1 should be complete by the middle of next week, bar any unforeseen problems (if you know of any, tell now).

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by pepejeria

Saturday June 29th, 2002 6:36 AM

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Cool, hopefully Netscape 7 will be based on Mozilla 1.0.1 What I dont understand is all the bugs targeted to Mozilla 1.0.1 and for example Mozilla 1.1a. Will they be moved to Mozilla 1.0.2/Mozilla 1.2?