NewsForge Interview with Mitchell Baker

Thursday June 27th, 2002

NewsForge has a post-1.0 interview with Mitchell Baker,'s Chief Lizard Wrangler. The interview mainly focusses on the reaction to Mozilla 1.0, which has been downloaded over half a million times since its launch (not including downloads from mirror sites). Mitchell notes that "Press reports have been good, developer response has been excited and users have been happy with the quality of Mozilla 1.0." She singles out documentation as an area that needs improvement in the future (there's been some productive discussion about this on netscape.public.mozilla.documentation recently).

#4 Re: Re: Getting Paid?

by asa <>

Thursday June 27th, 2002 7:03 PM

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and don't forget the dozen or so other companies that are or have paid developers to work on Mozilla. and don't forget the few companies that pay people to work on products based on Mozilla. I've also seen three or four recent emails or postings to the newsgroup where companies are trying to hire people with Mozilla development experience so there's even unfulfilled demand right this minute for mozilla hackers.