Mozilla 1.0 has a 0.4 Percent Usage Share —

Monday June 24th, 2002

ZDNet is reporting that Mozilla 1.0 has gained a 0.4 percent usage share since its launch on June 5th. Citing research from, the article notes that Internet Explorer 6's market share grew to 46.4 percent during the month ending June 21st, despite the fact that IE's overall share went down slightly. The Mozilla-based Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 has a 0.3 percent share.

#78 One reason why mozilla won't be suscess is IRC

by Ilgaz

Wednesday July 3rd, 2002 3:30 AM

You are replying to this message *** Banned: clone_flood (2002/06/30 09.23) --- Closing Link: Ilgaz[<Ilgaz@>] (Banned)

Here is the new happening. This made me _real_ sad. I am a 29 years old guy who has a good reputation on Internet. Besides, I was offered IRCOps over and over but rejected it because of my personal philosophy.

With this "enemy" like attitude, with such amazing reasons (FLOOD???) to k-line a guy which you PERSONALLY don't like and making him blocked with no chance of explaining himself is a fascist attitude. What a ircd that is that, I don't know who did that thing even.

I have my e-mail adress both on database AND database. From now on, I decided something. The only time I joined to for MONTHS is, to congragulate Blake Ross'es birthday and left. My IP, which is fixed is which resolves to . This is Cable Service of turk telecom which has reporting adresses of <> and <> .

Anyone can prove I somehow flooded gets $100 via paypal. As Mozillazine owners hang on all the time, I am making this announcement publicly.

This amazing bullshit must end. CLOSE IRC SERVER , OR require e-mail authencation to that IRC server. Getting that message at morning with the lamest ever reason (flood) to get banned from an IRC server makes me sick.

Have a nice day and don't ever,never wonder why Opera is getting more support.