Mozilla 1.0 has a 0.4 Percent Usage Share —

Monday June 24th, 2002

ZDNet is reporting that Mozilla 1.0 has gained a 0.4 percent usage share since its launch on June 5th. Citing research from, the article notes that Internet Explorer 6's market share grew to 46.4 percent during the month ending June 21st, despite the fact that IE's overall share went down slightly. The Mozilla-based Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 has a 0.3 percent share.

#67 You're right

by jsebrech

Thursday June 27th, 2002 2:51 AM

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You're right, ofcourse.

But, not everyone wants to use mozilla. There are valid reasons to stick with IE you know. Look and feel woes, speed, the few remaining site incompatibilities, installation and configuration problems... And those are just the obvious noes. Mozilla is not perfect. For most people mozilla is not even demonstrably better than IE.

I suggested IE because that's what the post was about. I didn't think it through. I'll make sure to point people at mozilla first next time, and only at IE if that fails.