Mozilla 1.0 has a 0.4 Percent Usage Share —

Monday June 24th, 2002

ZDNet is reporting that Mozilla 1.0 has gained a 0.4 percent usage share since its launch on June 5th. Citing research from, the article notes that Internet Explorer 6's market share grew to 46.4 percent during the month ending June 21st, despite the fact that IE's overall share went down slightly. The Mozilla-based Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 has a 0.3 percent share.

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by bk_raze

Wednesday June 26th, 2002 1:06 AM

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Asa, I was responding to Subtle's post titled "IE4" where he says that "the only reason that anyone is currently using it is because it is the web browser that came on their computer." My point really when I brought up the IE6 stat was that what's being used out there is something other than the default Windows/OEM install.

You bring up reasons why IE6 marketshare is so far ahead of XP marketshare. I agree with your reasons. Of course Windows Update plays an important role in this, which is a very easy way for a pre-XP user to install IE6. As far as corporate IT deployments, yes, they do play a role as well. For whatever reason, people seem to be installing IE6 relatively quickly, without getting XP.

Just one correction Asa, Windows and Office service packs do not include IE.