Associated Press Review of Mozilla 1.0

Monday June 24th, 2002

MSNBC is carrying a review of Mozilla 1.0 from the Associated Press. The article states that Mozilla 1.0 is "mature and compares favorably with the latest versions of the three most popular Web browsers: Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.0 and Opera 6.0." The reviewer believes that Mozilla is good enough to draw people away from Internet Explorer but concludes that "most users will find it easier simply to go with what Microsoft provides."

#1 seems a fair conclusion

by jilles

Tuesday June 25th, 2002 6:10 AM

Nice that they explicitly link ms domination with IE to their monopoly position, especially since msnbc is a partner of MS. The conclusion that most user won't bother upgrading seems fair to. Aside from technology aware users, few are going to bother upgrading to a software package that essentially does the same as what they already have.

That being said, I think Mozilla will have a gradually growing group of users. It's a good product and user exposure will only improve it. Personally I hope Mozilla developers will start looking into usability issues. There are many minor issues with naming and placement of menu options, contents of pop-up menus, key bindings, drag and drop, dialogs, etc. There's room for lots of improvements in that area.

#2 Rate the story

by Rytsarsky

Tuesday June 25th, 2002 8:05 AM

MSNBC lets you rate stories. If we all rate it a 7, maybe more people will read it. Exposure is good, especially if it's on an MS site ;)

#3 Going with waht is already on the machine.

by PaulB

Sunday June 30th, 2002 7:03 PM

Since this is Associated Press article is on MSNBC I found this interesting:

" As long as it works well enough, using whatever browser ships with a PC is much simpler than finding, downloading and installing alternative software. Microsoft has banked on that strategy, abusing it in the browser market, the initial trial judge in its federal antitrust case found. (MSNBC is a Microsoft-NBC joint venture.) If a court were to force Microsoft to uncouple Internet Explorer from its operating systems, Mozilla might just have a chance — especially if developers produce enough compelling add-ons to make it a must-have on Windows computers."

I believe that MSNBC choose to link to this story primarily due to the loud and clear message throughout the story: Even though Mozilla (or even NS7) is good enough to replace I.E. this will not happen since users will stay with what is already on the machine. It seems to very subtley imply that the best course for users is to use the browser that came with the machine.

I find it interesting that by linking to this story MSNBC seems to be implying (by linking to the AP review) that Microsoft is continuing to to unfairly monopolize the browser arena and provides a very intelligent solution ofr the Microsoft abuse of the browser market: "If a court were to force Microsoft to uncouple Internet Explorer from its operating systems, Mozilla might just have a chance...." I am surprized that someone in the MSNBC/Microsoft heiarchy allowed the AP review of Mozilla to be linked to on MSNBC since the story seems to favour the removal of commingled/bundled software from Windows as a solutiom to the Antitrust trial.

#4 Getting an indifferent user to switch

by ma_sivakumar

Wednesday July 10th, 2002 6:22 AM

1. Install Mozilla 1.0 in his/her computer. 2. Change the icon of Mozilla on the desktop to IE icon (C:/program file/internet explorer/). 3. Delete the Internet Explorer short cut from the desktop. Remove all short cuts from the desktop to internet explorer. 4. Accept Mozilla's prompt for making it the default browser and also enable faster loading option.

That is it. The use really does not care. Mozilla loads as fast as IE and looks and feels the same for browsing. Ofcourse, the logo and mozilla name is all over the browsing window. But the indifferent user does not notice (if he does he is not an indifferent user :-)

And most casual users tend to play around once in a while and they will discover tabbed browsing, ad blocking eventually and will thank Mozilla (and you who exposed them to mozilla) forever.