Mozilla 1.0.1 Update

Thursday June 20th, 2002

Judson Valeski has posted an update on Mozilla 1.0.1 to the newsgroups. As the 1.0.1 release is close, the bar has been raised and only fixes for high visibility problems are currently being accepted on the 1.0 branch. Read Jud's full message for more details.

#6 I don't get it.

by jonasj

Friday June 21st, 2002 8:19 PM

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> A few weeks ago the following criteria was posted > for 1.0.1 checkins. > > "[...]we are generally looking for fixes to _high_ visibility > problems, stability improvements (topcrash bugs), & near zero > risk polish issues.

So how come they approved the New Tab button (new feature) but not the patch to remove the very buggy "Open a link in a new window" checkbox from Scripts & Windows (zero risk polish)?

<JTK>Oh, of course -- it's because Netscape wanted it.</JTK>

I'm starting to lose my faith in :-(