Bugzilla Helper Replacement

Wednesday June 19th, 2002

In the words of its maintainer Gervase Markham, the Bugzilla Helper "has been creaking for some time now. It's buggy, uses JavaScript, uses popups, has dodgy formatting and is generally broken."

The good news is that a replacement is in development. Read Gerv's newsgroup posting for full details and send feedback to netscape.public.mozilla.webtools.

#6 Re: An idea for a design change in bug report

by asa <>

Friday June 21st, 2002 11:55 AM

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I've been thinking about this for a couple of years. I wrote out a description for a simple wizard that would do, I think, much of what you're suggesting. Here's my thoughts from about a year ago:


I am thinking of a simple wizard interface with about four questions/pages. Each question would narrow down the list of possible existing bugs. The questions I've got so far are something like this:

I. did you find this problem in A)browser B)mail or newsgroups C)html composer D)other?

IIA. did you find this problem in 1)the content area (like the webpage) or in 2)the application chrome (like buttons, menus or scrollbars)? IIB. did you find the problem in the 1)content area (like the server folders, message titles or message content) or 2)the application 4)sending or receiving messages 5)account settings/preferences? IIC. did you find this problem in 1)the content area (the composed webpage) or in 2)the application chrome (like buttons, menus or scrollbars)? IID. did you find this problem in 1)preferences 2)chatzilla 3)bookmarks window 4)history window 5)addressbook 6)other?

IIIA1. is your problem best described as a)incorrect alignment of textual elements on a page b)incorrect alignment of image or other images or other elements on a page d)forms (including text areas) or form submission behaving incorrectly e)dynamic content not behaving as expected? IIIA2. is your problem with an item in a)menus or menubar b)navigation toolbar c)URLbar (aka addressbar) d)personal toolbar (aka bookmarks bar) e)tabs f)scrollbars g)taskbar/statusbar?

IIIB1. did you find the problem in the display of the a)accounts and folders pane, b)the message header pane, or c)the actual message? IIIB2. is your problem with an item in the a)menus or menubar, b)toolbar buttons, c)splitters or grippies (seperator between the different panes), or d)taskbar/statusbar? IIIB3. is your problem in a)addressing the message, b)text entry, or c)adding html or images d)attachments? IIIB4. is your problem in a)not receiving message, b)sending messages failed? IIIB5. is your problem in a)display of the account settings/preferences, b)creation of a new account, or c)modification of an existing account?

IIIC1. is your problem in a)typing, selecting, copying, or pasting plain text, or b)adding or modifying html elements or images? IIIC2. is your problem with an item in a)menus or menubar, b)formatting toolbar, c)views tabs, or d)other dialogs (table properties, link properties, etc.)?

IIID1. is your problem with a)appearance or layout of preferences window or panels, or b)saving preferences? IIID2. is your problem with a)chrome, b)message content, c)irc commands or d)connecting to servers/channels? IIID3. is your problem with a)moving bookmarks (cut, copy, paste, delete, drag&drop, etc), b)sorting bookmarks or c)creating or modifying bookmark properties? IIID4. is your problem with a)removing history items, or b)sorting history items? IIID5. is your problem with a)organizing cards(cut, copy, paste, delete, drag&drop, etc), b)sorting cards or c)importing or exporting cards IIID6. is your problem with a)dialogs, alerts, warnings, etc.?

IVA-D. please enter 3 key words that describe your problem.

With this information I believe that we could construct a very accurate query and deliver a short list of results that would have a good chance of containing the reporter's problem. If we don't return results with the reporter's problem then we've got a very good shot at picking the correct component and assignee for the problem.


If you are interested in helping to make something like this happen please let me know. The questions could definitely use refining and ideally this would be a small XUL app wizard that you could access from the "File a bug" menuitem in the browser.