Bugzilla Helper Replacement

Wednesday June 19th, 2002

In the words of its maintainer Gervase Markham, the Bugzilla Helper "has been creaking for some time now. It's buggy, uses JavaScript, uses popups, has dodgy formatting and is generally broken."

The good news is that a replacement is in development. Read Gerv's newsgroup posting for full details and send feedback to netscape.public.mozilla.webtools.

#12 You may be interested in these bugs...

by afranke

Sunday June 23rd, 2002 4:10 PM

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I had some similar thoughts about one and a half years ago. Here are the RFEs I filed back then:

Bug 65929 (tracking bug): Make it easier to find bugs in Bugzilla <>

Bug 43940: Component trees for Bugzilla <>

Bug 65965: Bug type classification <>

Bug 66084: (Query based) Partial Bugzilla Index by UI Element Names <>

Bug 75172: FeatureZilla - an integrated SW development tracking tool <>

Have fun, Andreas