Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 Released

Wednesday April 2nd, 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 has been released for testing. The fifth beta of the next major Firefox version offers over 750 bug fixes over Beta 4, including improvements in user interface, location bar autocomplete, bookmark backup and restore, full page zoom and other new features based upon user feedback.

Firefox 3 Beta 5 can be downloaded from the Firefox beta page. The Firefox 3 Beta 5 Release Notes have more details, including information about what's new in Firefox 3 and what's been improved in this specific milestone. The Mozilla Developer News weblog's announcement of Firefox 3 Beta 5 includes links of interest to developers.

#37 jonronson = :S

by robertmarley

Saturday April 5th, 2008 3:45 PM

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#18-#36... = #24 spam messages :S I don't get what the hell he is saying :S, but at least in #35 he mentions the word 'Mozilla'... This is truly some weird shit... Why mozillazine? Its not a super big site, i think? Is this the first time this has happened to MZ? Very annoying! though that a hole bunch of feedback has been produced... turns out half of it is spam :(