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Monday June 17th, 2002

It's been almost a fortnight since Mozilla 1.0 came out but fresh news about the release is still being published. Wes McGee wrote to tell us that The Washington Post featured a review of Mozilla in its Fast Forward column on Sunday. Meanwhile, CNN is carrying an AP story that discusses the potential success of Mozilla and asks if it will threaten Microsoft (Marcel notes that there's a discussion about the article on Slashdot). Not everyone is optimistic though: in an interview with MacCentral, Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen said that he doesn't think that the browser wars are about to return. Once again, Slashdot has a story.

#5 Re: DOCTYPE-sniffing makes sense

by turi

Tuesday June 18th, 2002 5:42 AM

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DOCTYPE-sniffing makes a lot of sense. If you simply keep on going to write web pages without doctype, the clients (browsers) have to try to figure out what you mean. Are you writing html 1.0 or 4.01 or xhtml or... With a doctype the client chooses the standard which defines how to layout the page. It's simply not possible for a standard to stay backwards-compatible without huge disadvantages. If you'd ever make something stupid in one standard version, you would have to stick to it for eternity. No, doctypes are a good thing(TM). It'll take a bit of time until the different browsers will behave the same for identical doctypes, but it'll happen. MS will still trigger a few of their old bugs and they'll keep a lot of their proprietary stuff in there even for newer doctypes, but things are going to converge.