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Monday June 17th, 2002

It's been almost a fortnight since Mozilla 1.0 came out but fresh news about the release is still being published. Wes McGee wrote to tell us that The Washington Post featured a review of Mozilla in its Fast Forward column on Sunday. Meanwhile, CNN is carrying an AP story that discusses the potential success of Mozilla and asks if it will threaten Microsoft (Marcel notes that there's a discussion about the article on Slashdot). Not everyone is optimistic though: in an interview with MacCentral, Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen said that he doesn't think that the browser wars are about to return. Once again, Slashdot has a story.

#2 IE7? Anyone have any info?

by macpeep

Tuesday June 18th, 2002 12:18 AM

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Assuming for a minute that there will be another "browser war", I'm for one looking forward to it. If it brings advances in products, we all win. Besides in a "war" like that, Mozilla is very much in the position of a guerilla army whereas Microsoft is a traditional army. And we all know that a traditional army has to win in order to win. A guerilla army only has to not lose in order to win. Of course, the browser Mozilla and Netscape 7.0 will be pitched against will most likely be IE 7.0. So what do we know about it?

Here's a post from Slashdot regarding IE 7.0. If it's true, it means that they are very much up to date on what weapons they need to win the next browser war!


IE7 and CSS (Score:5, Insightful) by Dr. Eric Peters (<>) on 17-06-02 21:50 (#3718281) (User #586095 Info | <>)

Based on secondhand reports, it sounds to me as if IE7 is going to bring *major* advances in CSS support for Windows Internet Explorer. They're going to fix the box model, with bugwards compatibility handled via a DOCTYPE sniffing strategy similar to IE6/Mac's.

This is a hugely significant event for advocates of CSS. I'm eagerly looking forward to this, even though I don't plan on ever using Windows on a regular basis. Given Microsoft's ability to bulldoze Windows users into upgrading, we may soon have a world in which, for the first time ever, *the dominant Web browser* has good CSS support.

This could improve things for CSS in general even if we don't end up with the dreaded Microsoft-only world. Developers of *other* browsers will no longer be able to hide behind claims of industry-leader compatibility when releasing buggy CSS implementations.

Of course DOCTYPE sniffing is going to complicate the situation somewhat, since IE7 will still have a bugwards compatibility mode. I'm hoping that the existence of IE7 will cause enough people start intentionally invoking standards mode that other browser developers notice. While from a theoretical point of view DOCTYPE sniffing makes no sense--it's a pure hack--in practice it's a lot better than no standards mode at all, which is the only likely alternative.

Furthermore, my secondhand source also tells me that IE7 will finally bring full PNG support to IE. This is a major step ahead in InterNet graphics.