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Monday June 17th, 2002

It's been almost a fortnight since Mozilla 1.0 came out but fresh news about the release is still being published. Wes McGee wrote to tell us that The Washington Post featured a review of Mozilla in its Fast Forward column on Sunday. Meanwhile, CNN is carrying an AP story that discusses the potential success of Mozilla and asks if it will threaten Microsoft (Marcel notes that there's a discussion about the article on Slashdot). Not everyone is optimistic though: in an interview with MacCentral, Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen said that he doesn't think that the browser wars are about to return. Once again, Slashdot has a story.

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by Tanyel <>

Monday June 17th, 2002 11:18 PM

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The Internet thing should include an "auto-update" thing. Then people will only have to download the Internet thing once. The options in the "View" menu of the Bookmarks window seem to do nothing. I think the Sky Pilot theme is the best Mozilla theme. Maybe Mozilla should include a theme like as the default. It would make Mozilla stand out from other Internet things, in the way the I-Mac stood out from other computers.