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Thursday June 13th, 2002

This week's status reports include updates from K-Meleon, mozdev, Mycroft, Enigmail, Livelizard, Optimoz, Hermes, MultiZilla and Mycroft. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#7 Re: MultiZilla is missing on the Add-on list

by MXN

Friday June 14th, 2002 5:56 AM

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"So, how should I, or anybody else for that mather, know about other people working on the same sort of thing?"

You're right. I only knew about it, b/c it was regularly on the Last Updated section of the Mozdev front page for a while. I was surprized to learn that it wasn't on the project pages, though.

"Also note that I don't steal code but write my own, and that's very important to me!"

I wasn't implying that you were. I was thinking that, if you wanted to make a wide range of addons for Mozilla, you could start multiple projects, each covering one main feature. But now when I think about that, that would be pretty hard to maintain, wouldn't it? And I guess it's not bad when the implementations are good.

"I guess you use the tabbed UI in mozilla, like a zillion of other people."

Yes, I'm using it right now.

"Do you really think you had that now, without the Multiviews project launch two years ago (we had to change the name because of a trademark)."

No, I realize your project was the reason for tabbed browsings. I've been following your project since you renamed it to Multizilla.

I'm sorry if I've offended you w/ my post, though.