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Thursday June 13th, 2002

This week's status reports include updates from K-Meleon, mozdev, Mycroft, Enigmail, Livelizard, Optimoz, Hermes, MultiZilla and Mycroft. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#2 MultiZilla is missing on the Add-on list

by bugs4hj <>

Friday June 14th, 2002 2:58 AM

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I don't think you've got the whole picture here.

First of all, I wrote pref panels, a long time ago, for bug 46029. That was long before anybody else wrote a single line for UA spoofing. I might even write some debug pref panels for mozilla.

Now about the GoogleBar project. This project isn't even on the project listing. So, how should I, or anybody else for that mather, know about other people working on the same sort of thing? I wasn't even aware of that project before mozilla 1.0 introduced it on the startpage. I officially asked Google, over a year ago now, if they where working on a mozilla/netscape implementation, and that was a no no.

Also note that I don't steal code but write my own, and that's very important to me! I helped other project owners before so why should I stop doing that? I finished a patch for mousegestures last week, now do you think we're going to add that too, because that's a no go for me.

I guess you use the tabbed UI in mozilla, like a zillion of other people. Do you really think you had that now, without the Multiviews project launch two years ago (we had to change the name because of a trademark).

A simple fact is that I don't like to have several toolbars taking screen real estate. And they can't even be used in fullscreen modus! The MultiZilla toolbar however does work in FullScreen modus so you can use these features without switching screenmodus.