Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 4 Released

Monday March 10th, 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 4 has been released for testing. The fourth beta of the next major Firefox version offers over 900 bug fixes over Beta 3, including improvements in download manager, full page zoom, better integration with Vista, Mac OS X and Linux, and significant improvements in speed and memory usage.

Firefox 3 Beta 4 can be downloaded from the Firefox beta page. The Firefox 3 Beta 4 Release Notes have more details, including information about what's new in Firefox 3 and what's been improved in this specific milestone. The Mozilla Developer News weblog's announcement of Firefox 3 Beta 4 includes links of interest to developers.

A fifth beta milestone has been added to Firefox 3 Schedule based on the number of blockers remaining. Code Freeze for beta 5 will be on Tuesday, March 18th, 2008.

#47 Auto Update problem ...

by MadMaverick9

Tuesday April 1st, 2008 7:18 PM

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Auto Update is a nice feature, but ...

The problem is that it will only work if you're logged in as Administrator/root, correct? Since it has to modify Firefox program files, which should not be modifiable by low-privilege users.

Well that is exactly the problem. You should never be logged in as Administrator/root to your computer unless you really have to. Using a webbrowser is NOT a reason to be logged in as Administrator/root.

Please do tell me if I am wrong in my assumptions about that the Auto Update requires you to run as Administrator/root. If so, I apologize for this posting.

A few comments copied from: <http://www.informationwee…8/03/security_showdo.html>

----- One suggestion that I routinely make to all Vista users: run Vista as a lesser privileged user. In other words, as a non-administrator. Iím not sure if doing so would have prevented any exploits due to the Flash-vulnerability that was discovered at CanSecWest, but there really are very few penalties for running Vista as a non-administrator (well, thereís one very annoying one where end-users canít stop their system from auto-rebooting after a Windows Update). ----- Not just Vista - this applies to Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT as well. ----- # Kevin commented on Mar 31, 2008 10:47:57 AM Speaking of running an app in Windows OS (Win2000, XP, and Vista) as a lesser privileged user, I find it disappointing that many software reviews, from blogs to reputable magazines, do NOT mention whether the reviewed software can be installed and/or run by a lesser privileged.

Firefox for Windows can be installed and run by any regular user without any problem.

Here is an example that the vendor has admitted: Quicken 2006 does not allow a lesser privilege user to run 2007 tax estimate, even if the feature is installed. What in the world running a tax estimate needs an administrator privilege?

I have seen many applications that require installed and/or run by administrator without any reason. There are also many apps that require installed by administrator only for a minor exotic feature most people do not need or use.

The software reviews can do a lot to promote lesser privilege use by making notice the support (or lack of) by the applications, since many software vendors (and freeware authors) really care about those reviews. -----