Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 4 Released

Monday March 10th, 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 4 has been released for testing. The fourth beta of the next major Firefox version offers over 900 bug fixes over Beta 3, including improvements in download manager, full page zoom, better integration with Vista, Mac OS X and Linux, and significant improvements in speed and memory usage.

Firefox 3 Beta 4 can be downloaded from the Firefox beta page. The Firefox 3 Beta 4 Release Notes have more details, including information about what's new in Firefox 3 and what's been improved in this specific milestone. The Mozilla Developer News weblog's announcement of Firefox 3 Beta 4 includes links of interest to developers.

A fifth beta milestone has been added to Firefox 3 Schedule based on the number of blockers remaining. Code Freeze for beta 5 will be on Tuesday, March 18th, 2008.

#14 Known problem with Gmail

by mhenriday <>

Wednesday March 12th, 2008 9:48 AM

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I had hoped that beta 4 would resolve a problem (bug 407257 in Bugzilla) that has been observed in Firefox 3 at least since the release of beta 2, i e. that when using the old Gmail user interface, one's quick contacts overlap the the inbox displays. Alas it did not ; the list of quick contacts still protrudes into the list of messages in the inbox. To my surprise, *nobody* has been assigned or taken responsibility for resolving this bug, which was first reported in December last year &#65307;one gets the impression that Mozilla developers - and perhaps Google developers as well - are hoping that it will simply fade away into irrelevance as the new Gmail user interface is successively rolled out. Unfortunately, remaining bugs in the new user interface have prevented Google from rolling it out as quickly as it seems they had hoped, and users with «Gmail display languages» other than «English(US)» are still using the older interface and still finding this annoying overlap between quick contacts and inbox in Gmail, which, of course, many Firefox users use. It would be wonderful if one of the Mozilla developers could devote him or herself to this problem and if it could be resolved prior to the release of FF 3.0 beta 5 or, in any event, before FF 3.0 is released to the general public....

Otherwise, my experience with the FF 3 betas has been very good, indeed, and beta 4 is by far the best of the lot. It would be delightful if the general public release of FF 3 would also pass the ACid3 test, but to be frank, I consider it far more essential that the above bug in connexion with Gmail be solved....