New DOM Example Online

Monday September 7th, 1998

Jim Kingdon of Cyclic Software writes in to say, "When I looked at DOM in Mozilla, my reaction was that it may fit in well with some ideas I've had about scripting the CVS version control system. So I wrote up a quick example of what I'm thinking of. Right now this is more of a demo than anything you'd want to use, but we all know that in free software circles, 'it can't do that' or 'it doesn't work' is often taken as a challenge :-)."

So, any of you early Mozilla users with a DOM enabled version, go check it out and tell us how it runs!

#1 Win32 + DOM?

by James

Tuesday September 8th, 1998 1:36 PM

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Has anyone been able to compile DOM for the win32 mozilla yet? If so, any binaries available?