New DOM Example Online

Monday September 7th, 1998

Jim Kingdon of Cyclic Software writes in to say, "When I looked at DOM in Mozilla, my reaction was that it may fit in well with some ideas I've had about scripting the CVS version control system. So I wrote up a quick example of what I'm thinking of. Right now this is more of a demo than anything you'd want to use, but we all know that in free software circles, 'it can't do that' or 'it doesn't work' is often taken as a challenge :-)."

So, any of you early Mozilla users with a DOM enabled version, go check it out and tell us how it runs!

#1 Win32 + DOM?

by James

Tuesday September 8th, 1998 1:36 PM

Has anyone been able to compile DOM for the win32 mozilla yet? If so, any binaries available?

#2 Re: New DOM Example Online

by Jim Kingdon

Tuesday September 8th, 1998 7:55 PM

My efforts were under linux, don't remember whether I've seen any DOM for win32 (try the usual binaries sites, of course). My experience was that Mozilla was crashing too much for me to really debug my demo or learn DOM well. Presumably this will improve in due time.