Mozilla 1.1 Alpha Released

Tuesday June 11th, 2002 today released the first post-1.0 milestone of Mozilla, Mozilla 1.1 Alpha. This release is coming off the trunk, and is not part of the 1.0 branch. There will likely be a 1.0.1 release off the branch at a later date. (Confused about how milestone numbers work after 1.0? Take a look at the Roadmap for a clearer picture.)

1.1a has a number of performance and UI fixes that took place on the trunk but didn't make it to the branch, like fastloading XUL, improved download manager control, and a number of other fixes. To see a more complete list of what's new, check out the Release Notes, or grab a build for yourself from either the Releases Page or the FTP Site and try it out.

#78 Forms being submitted twice

by jhatax <>

Monday June 17th, 2002 4:12 PM

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I thought this bug would be fixed in new releases of Mozilla but 1.1a still has the bug in which forms are submitted twice. A case in point is my earlier message to this group that got posted twice. If this continues, I don't think many people will feel safe using Mozilla for any form related transactions on the web (everyone, read news only please on the web, stop shopping online cause that uses forms, stop posting on newsgroups cause that uses forms too) especially for Credit Card transactions. I know Asa monitors this feedback page so I'd appreciate some attention being given to the following bugs on bugzilla (search form twice) <>


- Manoj