Mozilla 1.1 Alpha Released

Tuesday June 11th, 2002 today released the first post-1.0 milestone of Mozilla, Mozilla 1.1 Alpha. This release is coming off the trunk, and is not part of the 1.0 branch. There will likely be a 1.0.1 release off the branch at a later date. (Confused about how milestone numbers work after 1.0? Take a look at the Roadmap for a clearer picture.)

1.1a has a number of performance and UI fixes that took place on the trunk but didn't make it to the branch, like fastloading XUL, improved download manager control, and a number of other fixes. To see a more complete list of what's new, check out the Release Notes, or grab a build for yourself from either the Releases Page or the FTP Site and try it out.

#46 UI Bummer.

by whiprush <>

Wednesday June 12th, 2002 4:22 PM

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Shouldn't view Messages as Plain Text/Simple HTML/Normal HTML be in the preferences? When I first read about this feature, I directly went to where I can choose my Send format, in the Mail section of the preferences. Made sense to me ... pick send format from there, surely changing receive format should be somewhere close. I never did find it until someone mentioned it in this thread - I believe the devs call that 'discoverability.'

Maybe in the message display preferences in the Mail section. I mean, I can change the font, font size, blah blah in there, shouldn't I be able to choose what format I display from that section?

Either way, lovin' 1.1a .... good job guys.