Mozilla 1.1 Alpha Released

Tuesday June 11th, 2002 today released the first post-1.0 milestone of Mozilla, Mozilla 1.1 Alpha. This release is coming off the trunk, and is not part of the 1.0 branch. There will likely be a 1.0.1 release off the branch at a later date. (Confused about how milestone numbers work after 1.0? Take a look at the Roadmap for a clearer picture.)

1.1a has a number of performance and UI fixes that took place on the trunk but didn't make it to the branch, like fastloading XUL, improved download manager control, and a number of other fixes. To see a more complete list of what's new, check out the Release Notes, or grab a build for yourself from either the Releases Page or the FTP Site and try it out.

#31 OE features

by leafdigital

Wednesday June 12th, 2002 9:32 AM

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Just to clarify, when I said 'necessary' I meant 'for me'. Obviously most people don't need those features. These are just the features it needs to have before I'll switch over.

That out of the way... the key ones are:

* Must support multiple email addresses for sending without adding multiple receive accounts (i.e. I want to be able to send mail as <> and <>, both of which should go via the same SMTP server etc obviously, and I should be able to select this by dropdown on the 'compose message' pane)

I believe you have to hack this in OE by creating the account with bogus POP details and then turning off a 'include this account when receiving mail' checkbox. A similar hack in Mozilla would be okay, as long as it doesn't end up creating yet another folder tree to clutter the UI, which brings me to:

* Must support multiple email accounts with same set of folders (i.e. I want my two POP accounts to deliver mail to the same inbox, all sent mail to be in same sent-mail, etc.)

* Must not crash when it tries to import my OE mailbox. :>

(The last one I'm not too serious about, as I haven't actually tried mail since 0.9.9 and I am sure they have fixed whatever bug that was. I think there are bug numbers for the other two but I'm not sure whether there is any real intention to implement either behaviour at the moment.)