Beonex Communicator 0.8 Released

Monday June 10th, 2002

Ben Bucksch writes in with news that a new version of Beonex Communicator has been released. Beonex Communicator is a Mozilla-based browser for 'mom and dad' users with a special emphasis placed on privacy and security. Version 0.8-stable is based on the final Mozilla 1.0 source code and is available for Linux and Windows.

#20 Re: Re: I see no point in using it

by seitz <>

Wednesday June 19th, 2002 7:40 PM

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I've read the "Beonex vs. Mozilla" page, and I think the idea of an open source, end-user oriented Mozilla distribution is a good one. But I would like more details on the actual differences between the two browsers from a user's perspective. The only explicit differences I've found listed are:

* No revealing "Referrer" * Cookies are deleted at shutdown

and the "Cookies" feature is easily enabled in Mozilla. There are other differences listed (ease of use, optimized code) but without enough detail for me to know exactly what benefits I'm getting.

The other benefits listed don't seem to offer me much over Mozilla. Beonex is right that Mozilla disavows supporting end-users. But Mozilla has an active user community and is very responsive to bug reports. And Mozilla doesn't seem to have any problems attracting and funding development. Nor does it seem to need any help with getting press coverage.

The easy add-on install page does seem nice, but does it really require a new browser, or could it work just as well with Mozilla?

To summarize, Beonex could offer something that Mozilla doesn't, but I don't see much difference yet.