The Mozilla 1.0 Media Circus

Friday June 7th, 2002

The release of Mozilla 1.0 was reported by most tech news sites including BetaNews, CNET,, eWEEK, ExtremeTech, Geek News,,, Internet Week, LinuxMAX, Linux Today, MacSlash, MozillaNews,, Slashdot, The Register,, WinInfo and ZDNet News. More mainstream news sites are also taking notice. BBC News has an article and (the online edition of The Sydney Morning Herald) reported on Mozilla a few days ago.

Taking a slightly different approach, PC Magazine marks the release with an interview with Mitchell Baker while talks with Mike Shaver. Meanwhile, kuro5hin has an opinion piece about the release.

Mozilla 1.0 scored 7 out of 10 in CNET's review, which describes Mozilla as "the best free alternative to Microsoft IE." Meanwhile, eWEEK's analysis notes that "Mozilla makes it possible for any developer or company to customize the browser to be whatever they need it to be." NewsForge also discusses Mozilla's customizability. In addition, there's a Slashdot piece on the Mozilla 1.0 reviews.

On a related note, CNET has a video that recaps the browser wars and asks if Netscape 7.0 will revive the battle.

Thanks to everyone who sent us links to news and reviews.

#24 Cnet isn't dumb...

by bmacfarland

Monday June 10th, 2002 2:12 PM

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I have spoken with Rex Baldazo before and know he's well aware of the difference between IRC and IM clients. I think the general public, which is Cnet's audience, doesn't care about IRC clients. And with Netscape mixing in AOL IM and ICQ and Microsoft mixing their MSN Messanger with Internet Explorer, it's becoming the public expectation to get an IM client with browser software (IMO). Mozilla brings Chatzilla to the table which won't statisfy the general public. Of course there's also Jabberzilla to consider, but that's an extra that we can't expect the reviewer to take into account. I wish he could have graded the browser, mail, chat, and address book separately and put them against the best in the industry. To give Mozilla a 7 out of 10 based on evangelism and a complete misunderstanding of the chat client is just silly.