The Mozilla 1.0 Media Circus

Friday June 7th, 2002

The release of Mozilla 1.0 was reported by most tech news sites including BetaNews, CNET,, eWEEK, ExtremeTech, Geek News,,, Internet Week, LinuxMAX, Linux Today, MacSlash, MozillaNews,, Slashdot, The Register,, WinInfo and ZDNet News. More mainstream news sites are also taking notice. BBC News has an article and (the online edition of The Sydney Morning Herald) reported on Mozilla a few days ago.

Taking a slightly different approach, PC Magazine marks the release with an interview with Mitchell Baker while talks with Mike Shaver. Meanwhile, kuro5hin has an opinion piece about the release.

Mozilla 1.0 scored 7 out of 10 in CNET's review, which describes Mozilla as "the best free alternative to Microsoft IE." Meanwhile, eWEEK's analysis notes that "Mozilla makes it possible for any developer or company to customize the browser to be whatever they need it to be." NewsForge also discusses Mozilla's customizability. In addition, there's a Slashdot piece on the Mozilla 1.0 reviews.

On a related note, CNET has a video that recaps the browser wars and asks if Netscape 7.0 will revive the battle.

Thanks to everyone who sent us links to news and reviews.

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by Lynggaard <>

Sunday June 9th, 2002 12:57 PM

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At least two "big" danish news sites have stories about the Mozilla 1.0 release

from <> - "Mozilla 1.0 crosses the finishing line"

Short blurb about the release and a pointer to a eralier review of RElease candidate 1

from that review:

"There is not much new stuff in the new mozilla compared to the versions that fuelled the netscape 6 series,The biggest news is that it has become stable and fast"

"Mozilla 1.0 will properly not overtake Internet explorer as the dominant browser, but it is a excellent product in ifself"

the review highlights: Speedy rendering, improved startup performance,Tabbed browsing,the sidebar and the cookie manager.

from <> (Mozilla 1.0 has been released)

this is a very positive review, that begins with the following headline

"One of the worlds biggest open source projects has reached it first big milestone - a milestone that gives millions of users around the world a real (complete) alternative to Internet explorer"

"Mozilla is the world most standard complient webbrowser, it supports rendering of HTML according the specifications set forth by the W3C. this means that all pages written in corrrect html/xml/css will be displayed correctly. Besides HTML mozilla also has full javascript and plugin support"

the review then goes on to saying that sadly not all webpages are being written correctly, mostly becasue they have been written be a microsoft program, or with Internet exlorer in mind, and then it continues to explain the comcept of IE homemade tags.

All in all a positve opinion by the two sites