Trunk Frozen for 1.1alpha

Thursday June 6th, 2002

The main development trunk was frozen in preparation for Mozilla 1.1alpha at midnight PDT yesterday (12:00am on the night between June 4th and June 5th). All checkins to the trunk will require approval from This restriction will remain in place until 1.1alpha is branched, hopefully within the next day or two. It is anticipated that Mozilla 1.1alpha will be released around the middle of next week.

#6 Re: probably wrong forum but...

by asa <>

Thursday June 6th, 2002 7:07 PM

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We never publish a full changelog in the release notes. Most normal Milestones have fixes for about 1,500 bugs. If you want that list you can query Bonsai and Bugzilla. What we publish with the release notes is a list of items that I think might be of interest to users. There were no such items fixed between RC3 and 1.0. The number of bugs was less than 10 (I think less than 5 but I'd have to go look to say for sure) and none of them are of the catagory that I usually list in the "What's New" section of the release notes. If it's really important to you then you can query Bonsai and see all the changes that happened between the RC3 and 1.0 releases.