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Tuesday June 4th, 2002

Mozilla 1.0 is here! The final 1.0 builds, representing four years of development work by the open source community, are now available for download. The release of Mozilla 1.0 makes an important statement: now believes that the goals specified when the project began (and since enshrined in the Mozilla 1.0 Manifesto) have been met.

Mozilla 1.0 also represents maturity and dependability. Many of the Mozilla APIs, such as XUL, have now been frozen, providing guaranteed compatibility for developers building on the Mozilla toolkit. In addition, will continue to maintain the 1.0 branch as a stable and long-lived baseline on which vendors and other distributors may work. Further additive changes (mainly critical fixes) will be released from the 1.0 branch as 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 etc.

Mozilla 1.0 is available for download from's web site and FTP server. The Mozilla 1.0 Release Notes have also been updated.

MozillaZine would like to thank all the developers, testers, bug reporters, documentation writers, vendors and community members who have helped to make Mozilla such a success. We are proud of our years of service to the Mozilla community and intend to continue providing our growing audience with the latest in Mozilla news and advocacy for years to come.

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Thursday June 6th, 2002 7:30 PM

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So find someone that does have the resources and stop pointing a finger at like they have somehow maligned you. We're all short on resources. has to rely on what individuals contributors and corporate contributors donate to the project. If you don't have anything to contribute and you need something then find someone that does have those resources and make some deal with them (you might get lucky and find someone to do it for free) but this consistent finger-pointing and claiming of bad attitude or discrimination gets you no where. I'll say it very plainly now. does not have a machine to build the binary that you so desperately want. Unless you or someone else provides the machine or the resulting build to there won't be any binaries for you at <> It's that simple. There are FreeBSD, DEC Alpha, HPUX, OpenVMS, OS/2, AIX, Spark BSDi, Linux PPC, etc. binaries available at <> because _mozilla_ _contributors_ cared enought to contribute equipment or binaries for those platforms. Be like them or convince someone else to be like them.