SeaMonkey 1.1.7 Released

Friday November 30th, 2007

A stability and security update to SeaMonkey, the community-driven continuation of the all-in-one Mozilla Application Suite, has been released. As detailed in the SeaMonkey 1.1.7 section of the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page, the upgrade includes the same security patches as Mozilla Firefox, which was also made available this week.

In addition to the security fixes, SeaMonkey 1.1.7 also includes several other small bug fixes; interested users can consult the rough SeaMonkey 1.1.7 changelog for more details. Unlike Firefox, SeaMonkey 1.1.7 was released after the regression relating to the drawImage method of the canvas element (bug 405584) was reported and fixed, so there will be no need for an equivalent to the Firefox release.

SeaMonkey 1.1.7 can be downloaded from SeaMonkey 1.1.7 section of the SeaMonkey Download & Releases page. More information about the update can be found in the SeaMonkey 1.1.7 Release Notes.