Friday May 31st, 2002

In a newsgroup posting, Dawn Endico says, "The MOZILLA_1_0_RELEASE branch has been cut and while there is some tiny chance that we will need to take further changes, it is highly probable that this is the source we will release as Mozilla 1.0."

Read Dawn's full message for more details. Note that Mozilla 1.0 has not yet been released.

#6 It's not that simple

by jsebrech

Friday May 31st, 2002 10:18 AM

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Did you know that over one percent of sites don't display in internet explorer? That's quite a remarkable fact, huh? The reason is that they're badly written. Most of the time when a site doesn't behave right in mozilla the same thing has occurred: it's badly written.

See this evangelism bug for <>

When they see any browser reporting as netscape/mozilla they use layers, which were never a part of any standard, but an extension in earlier netscape versions. They were contacted with an example rewrite of the site to make it display correctly in all browsers, but said they weren't interested in fixing their site. The mozilla team can't really do more than that. Or would you have them implement non-standard functionality just to display broken sites?

As for massive memory leaking, I really couldn't tell. I run mozilla all day long on a 128 meg machine, and never have any problems with it. In fact, I once booted up without swap memory by accident, and it took me several hours of heavy browsing before I noticed (when I tried to open up a whole number of pages at the same time as tabs and mozilla refused to open up more than a certain number of them).