Friday May 31st, 2002

In a newsgroup posting, Dawn Endico says, "The MOZILLA_1_0_RELEASE branch has been cut and while there is some tiny chance that we will need to take further changes, it is highly probable that this is the source we will release as Mozilla 1.0."

Read Dawn's full message for more details. Note that Mozilla 1.0 has not yet been released.

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by asa <>

Tuesday June 4th, 2002 12:26 PM

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This has nothing to do with Netscape. This has everything to do with the facts that staff is a very small group of people with a very large set of responsibilities and that branding is one of the lowest priorities for 1.0 since our product is a technology and not an end-user application. We have not budget and we have very little time for marketing and distribution activities. Yes, image licensing and trademark issues are a part of the problem. This is still independent from Netscape or Netscape issues. This is a problem of resources and right now (and for months or years now) we don't have the time to spend sorting through legal issues that don't impact our primary consumers (developers and organizations using our source code).