Friday May 31st, 2002

In a newsgroup posting, Dawn Endico says, "The MOZILLA_1_0_RELEASE branch has been cut and while there is some tiny chance that we will need to take further changes, it is highly probable that this is the source we will release as Mozilla 1.0."

Read Dawn's full message for more details. Note that Mozilla 1.0 has not yet been released.

#26 Re: I was wrong about bmwusa, but...

by jsebrech

Sunday June 2nd, 2002 8:46 AM

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So, let me get this straight. Mozilla runs over a month without crashing, so it's extremely stable, and it takes a month for leaks to get so bad you need to *gasp* restart the browser (if leaks remain after shutting down the browser the OS is at fault). And according to you it isn't ready for a 1.0 release? Where do you work? Nasa?

And yes, between 0.9.9 and 1.0rc3 some memory leaks have been fixed. Here's a list of resolved browser bugs targeted for 1.0 (and so not in 0.9.9) with the mlk (memory leak) keyword: <http://bugzilla.mozilla.o…se+same+sort+as+last+time> This probably isn't an exhaustive list, but it does give you an idea of what's been happening.

Btw, you may want to update your browser version, 0.9.9 contained a security bug that let remote servers read local files. It's fixed in the latest releases, so ...