Friday May 31st, 2002

In a newsgroup posting, Dawn Endico says, "The MOZILLA_1_0_RELEASE branch has been cut and while there is some tiny chance that we will need to take further changes, it is highly probable that this is the source we will release as Mozilla 1.0."

Read Dawn's full message for more details. Note that Mozilla 1.0 has not yet been released.

#15 Re: Re: It's not that simple

by bcwright <>

Friday May 31st, 2002 12:25 PM

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In general it's a good idea to support legacy features where this doesn't cause problems either with the support of current features or with changes required for improving the product. Mozilla does in fact support a number of legacy tags, it just doesn't support all of them. I doubt that it's possible to support both all of the current tags and all of the legacy tags in the same product, especially when you're likely to get authors who try to mix them in all possible combinations.

Having said that, I'm sure that it's possible to get somewhat better compatibility with some of the legacy markup ... but be aware that it's likely to be an asymptotic process.