Mozilla 1.1alpha Plans

Thursday May 30th, 2002

David Baron has posted a Mozilla 1.1alpha update to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. He notes that the release has slipped a bit due to work on the 1.0 branch and that is anxious to prevent any further delays. Therefore, the freeze for 1.1alpha will occur at midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Wednesday 5th June. The Roadmap has been updated to reflect the slippage.

#15 Re: Confusing release numbers

by jilles

Friday May 31st, 2002 5:27 AM

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The release numbering and roadmaps suggest that the mozilla team is on some schedule and has a plan. However over the past two years since netscape 6.0 was released, there have been frequent releases of roadmaps and each time 1.0 was pushed ahead a few weeks/months to catch up with reality. Now we have a situation that 1.1alpha was originally planned about two months after 1.0. The only problem is that the estimated date for 1.0 was, once again, moved on a bit.

Realistically, if 1.1 alpha is frozen right now, it is going to be a pretty uninteresting release. I'd say forget about the roadmap and push out 1.0 ASAP and then create a new roadmap with a bunch of unstable releases to add new features. Users now have a solid release to use for a while so there's no point on insisting on stabilizing the development build even before the previous version is released. Wait for the reviews of mozilla 1.0 and netscape 7.0, reflect on that for a while and set some new development goals and then after a few months come with a 1.1alpha