Mozilla 1.0 Branch Status

Wednesday May 29th, 2002

Yesterday, David Baron, acting on behalf of, posted a message to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey describing the status of the 1.0 branch. In short, the 1.0 release is extremely close and the branch will soon be reopened for drivers-approved checkins for 1.0.1 and subsequent 1.0.x releases.

#1 Bug 128496 Interim Fix...

by TonyG

Wednesday May 29th, 2002 11:31 AM

Bug 128496 is marked as a post release bug.

I have pointed out that a very quick interim fix to the CSS can make the bug much less visible.

Be nice to see this interim fix go in prior to 1.0 as it is a 2 minute job (if you have access) etc.

#2 too late

by thegoldenear

Wednesday May 29th, 2002 11:46 AM

its too late for that now

#3 very small bug

by cedesguin

Wednesday May 29th, 2002 1:07 PM

The "enter your password" window (when password not cached) of MozillaMail is too small, and the name of the mail account is not properly displayed (username@servername instead of account name)

#4 even later now

by thegoldenear

Wednesday May 29th, 2002 1:17 PM

its not upto me, but I know from asking around this morning, that its just too late... the ball is rolling and the builds are on their way (and hopefully they'll stay that way)

#5 Mozilla RC3

by Tanyel

Thursday May 30th, 2002 10:32 PM

It seems to work in Windows XP but it is still awful in Windows 98. I suspect this is because Windows 98 is awful but since other browsers work in Windows 98, I do not understand why Mozilla is so difficult to fix.

#6 Re: Mozilla RC3

by DavidGerard

Friday May 31st, 2002 10:06 AM

"It seems to work in Windows XP but it is still awful in Windows 98."

Please be more specific - I'm using 2002052606 (post-rc3) on Win98 and it's just fine for me, the same as the 1.0 branch builds I've been running on it for the past month except with progressively less bugs. Done the uninstall, clean install and fresh profile thing?