Mozilla 1.0 Start Page Draft

Sunday May 26th, 2002

Gervase Markham writes: "The draft of the Mozilla 1.0 Start Page, which will live at, is now available, and feedback is requested.

"Comments to the mailing list at, please."

The start page is looking pretty cool. Make sure that you hover above the 'Parties' link on the main page. :-)

#105 Different style links under the lizard: great!

by johann_p

Wednesday May 29th, 2002 4:50 AM

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I really like this - personally I like the blue scheme better, but thats probably because I am a bit colour blind (I wont therefore contribute any own styles, sorry Gerv :) ). I hope you are prepared to get seriously slashdotted, once 1.0 comes out and this gets official? ;)