Mozilla 1.0 User FAQ and Reviewer's Guide

Saturday May 25th, 2002

David Gerard writes: "The start page for Mozilla 1.0 is in the works, with some results ready for comment from the Mozillaverse. Take a look at the Draft 1.0 User FAQ (there's also an XML/XSLT version if you want to try triggering bug 146119 ;-) and give feedback using the link at the top of the page. Also check out an early draft of the 1.0 Reviewer's Guide and send comments to ralph[AT]

"We're also after standards-compliant eye candy to show off what Mozilla can do — stuff with the appeal of the Complexspiral Demo or the 'Time Is On The Move' DHTML clock."

#50 Great PNG/Alpha transparency/DHMTL demo

by GAThrawn

Monday May 27th, 2002 10:59 AM

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Absolutely amazing demo of just what a browser that can handle alpha transparency for PNG images can do:


Full alpha blending on the shadow effects, that moves as the sun/bird moves. It's a great demo, and really visually nice too.