Mozilla 1.0 User FAQ and Reviewer's Guide

Saturday May 25th, 2002

David Gerard writes: "The start page for Mozilla 1.0 is in the works, with some results ready for comment from the Mozillaverse. Take a look at the Draft 1.0 User FAQ (there's also an XML/XSLT version if you want to try triggering bug 146119 ;-) and give feedback using the link at the top of the page. Also check out an early draft of the 1.0 Reviewer's Guide and send comments to ralph[AT]

"We're also after standards-compliant eye candy to show off what Mozilla can do — stuff with the appeal of the Complexspiral Demo or the 'Time Is On The Move' DHTML clock."

#20 Display Issues with Mozilla 1.0 User FAQ

by shipdoc1

Saturday May 25th, 2002 6:09 PM

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I am having difficulty reading some of the FAQs on my W2K setup with RC3 <>

The FAQs are surrounded by a broad (approx 1.5") tan border and a 0.0625" black border on left and a 0.125" black border on R.

In Paras 2.2, 11.1 and 11.2 the text - URLs bleeds through the black border on the Right and into dark tan area making it difficult to read.

When I checked with IE there was no black or dark tan border on the Right and the text was easily readable on light tan background.

Is this just on my setup or is there a bug in RC3?