Mozilla 1.0 RC3 Released

Thursday May 23rd, 2002 today released what they hope to be the final release candidate prior to shipping 1.0. The majority of the changes between RC2 and RC3 are crash fixes in all areas of the client. We presume that if crash data over the weekend is positive, could release Mozilla 1.0 as early as next week. Keep watching MozillaZine for news on 1.0 over the weekend, and for its release.

You download RC3 from's releases page or from the FTP site, or check out the release notes.

#76 Re: To the goldenear

by yact

Saturday July 20th, 2002 3:18 PM

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i have the very same problem too and it really sucks cause you cannot use always have to copy them and paste them in the adresse bar..

hope you'll fix it and tell us what it has to say..

cya yact

(sorry for bad english)