Netscape 7.0 News and Reviews

Thursday May 23rd, 2002

Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 has received quite a lot of news coverage in the last twenty-four hours. CNET kicks things off with a short article while ZDNet has the same story with reader comments. Reuters says that the beta has more features aimed at mainstream consumers while claims that Netscape is going for the corporate market. InfoWorld feels the need to mention Star Wars and Slashdot also has an article.

Early reviews are looking good. CNET's Rex Baldazo gives the beta 7 out of 10 but he still hasn't read the Release Notes. brings us more Star Wars analogies and eWEEK thinks that the final version will be "an excellent upgrade." ZDNet AnchorDesk executive editor David Coursey spends an entire column saying how great Netscape 7.0 is before declaring that it's not worth upgrading. His accompanying radio show features comments from Netscape's Sol Goldfarb and Rex "Release Notes" Baldazo.

UPDATE! Also check out this piece from and some commentary from Guardian Unlimited, the online edition of the UK's The Guardian newspaper.

ANOTHER UPDATE! The Register also has a story. The second and third paragraphs sound kind of familiar.

Thanks to everyone who sent us links to news and reviews.

#10 Just tried 1.0 RC3 mail client

by ecarlson

Friday May 24th, 2002 11:05 AM

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I just tried 1.0 RC3 mail client, and quickly found 4 things that make it worse that 4.79 for me. Part of what makes it worse for me is that all my messages are sorted into folders via filters when they come in. If they all stayed in the inbox, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but I can't imagine not filtering the tons of e-mail I receive.

1. It is difficult to use without the Location toolbar. - The third pane takes up too much display area, and it doesn't shrink and expand well.

2. It appears that the Status column doesn't indicate NEW messages, so I can't tell old unread messages from new messages.

3. When going to another folder, it doesn't jump to the new messages, so I have to scroll down to read the new messages.

4. The new header display reduces message display area.

I get a much more solid user interface feeling when I use 4.79 mail client.

- Eric, <>