Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1

Wednesday May 22nd, 2002

Netscape today unveiled Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1, the first beta of its successor to Netscape 6. The preview is based on the recent Mozilla 1.0 RC2 build and features most of the enhancements that have been added to Mozilla since Netscape 6.2 was released, including tabbed browsing, print preview, the ability to save complete web pages, email return receipts, message labels and S/MIME support.

Netscape's proprietary components have also been improved. An enhanced Instant Messenger now supports file transfers, buddy icons and communication with ICQ users (though you cannot be signed on to both AIM and ICQ at the same time). Also new is Radio@Netscape, a streaming audio service powered by Spinner.

Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 is available from Netscape's web site or FTP server. Marketing spiel can be found at the Netscape 7.0 Info Center.

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by tny

Thursday May 23rd, 2002 6:58 AM

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Yes, some of us paid for it. Some of us remember using Mosaic. Some of us still use gopher. A few of us remember telnetting over BITNET on VT100s. Some have even used punch cards. And some of us understand that somebody who isn't aware that the Netscape product comes with Java and Mozilla doesn't won't understand why the sizes are so different. Don't paint everyone who contributes to these fora with the same brush.