Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1

Wednesday May 22nd, 2002

Netscape today unveiled Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1, the first beta of its successor to Netscape 6. The preview is based on the recent Mozilla 1.0 RC2 build and features most of the enhancements that have been added to Mozilla since Netscape 6.2 was released, including tabbed browsing, print preview, the ability to save complete web pages, email return receipts, message labels and S/MIME support.

Netscape's proprietary components have also been improved. An enhanced Instant Messenger now supports file transfers, buddy icons and communication with ICQ users (though you cannot be signed on to both AIM and ICQ at the same time). Also new is Radio@Netscape, a streaming audio service powered by Spinner.

Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 is available from Netscape's web site or FTP server. Marketing spiel can be found at the Netscape 7.0 Info Center.

#134 Re: Strange behavior

by jonadab <>

Wednesday May 29th, 2002 9:41 AM

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I installed NS7.0PR1 on two Win98 systems last night and have this problem on _one_ of them. The only difference in my install procedure was that on the second one (the one with the problem) I remembered to uncheck "make my homepage" during install. In both cases I installed into a clean directory, but in both cases there were preextant Mozilla profiles (we were using 1.0 branch milestones, RC1 IIRC; on the system with the problem I've backed out 7.0PR1 and returned to the unbranded release for the time being).

Further description of symptoms: I turned on QuickLaunch, so that starts at system start time. I also have a shortcut to the browser in the Startup folder, but the browser does not open (though quicklaunch does start) when the system starts up. Right-clicking the system tray icon shows the options for the various components (Navigator &c), but they don't work, and the Exit option is disabled. There is no visible window at this time. If I then launch Navigator from a desktop icon or start menu item or quicklaunch icon, the dialog you describe appears, but a Navigator window does not appear. The close button on the dialog (either the "Close" or the X in the titlebar) has no effect. If I let this run, it _eventually_ closes (whether I tried to click a close button or not). If I terminate it via Ctrl-Alt-Del and so forth, trying to start Navigator again will cause the same symtoms, so I have to let it run its course at least once. However, while it is running (or at any time afterward), I _can_ open a navigator window, via desktop shortcut or whatever, but the eerie screen name retrieval continues in background until it finishes. Once it has finished once, I can exit NS (including the quicklaunch, if desired) and restart it, and the symptoms do not recur, _until_ I log out or restart the system, at which point it all happens again next time.

This is really eerie. Not only is it very disruptive of the user experience, but it is somewhat disturbing as well in terms of privacy issues; privacy fanatics might be well advised to stick with a different Mozilla distribution for now, until this is sorted out.