CNET Review of Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2

Monday May 20th, 2002

Ezh pointed us towards a review of RC2 over at CNET. We've been sitting on this for a few days in the hope of getting some more reviews to tell you about but no more seem to have come in. Tell us if you find any.

CNET's latest review, like the RC1 piece, is generally positive. Reviewer Rex Baldazo likes the fact that Java is easier to set up and approves of the new option to disable cookies in Mail & Newsgroups. However, he still hasn't read the bit in the Release Notes that says not to use the same profile with Netscape and Mozilla.

#23 Looking after reviewers...

by illsleydc <>

Tuesday May 21st, 2002 1:51 PM

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A couple of days ago I read a review of linked to from an mailing list where the reviewer made a complaint and said he's filed a bug about it. I was interested to see how the community had reacted so I tracked down the bug and was surprised to find that there wasn't much reaction and it dawned on me that nobody had thought: review->bug->fix->better next review.

We are in an open community where reviewers can drop in at any time but we should take special note when reviewers take issue with something, especially when they file bugs that we treat them well so that mozilla is seen in a great light.

Just a thought, David Illsley