New Addition to MozillaZine

Friday May 17th, 2002

Alex Bishop, whom you may recognize from his presence in our forums, has come on board to help keep our news stream flowing. You may have noticed an uptick in postings in the last week - this is all due to Alex's great work. Since I've taken a step back from MozillaZine daily work in general (since the beginning of last year), and since Jason has been bogged down with Mozilla work, we decided we needed to find someone who was informed and interested in promoting Mozilla to help keep MozillaZine current. We think we found the right person in Alex.

As Mozilla approaches 1.0, we're sure that MZ will have a lot of great news to bring to you, and we're delighted that Alex has agreed to help us in that effort.

#4 Great News - Thank you Alex

by shipdoc1

Friday May 17th, 2002 1:38 PM

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Alex hope you will be able to revitalize the Build Comments. The Build Bar is great for gleanining tips but I have not found it to be a reliable resource re stable nightlies. As a consequence I have downloaded these cutting edge builds much less frequently than I used to and this must be diminishing the quanity if not the quality of feedback.

Anyway once again thanks and good luck to Alex.