AOL Testing Gecko in its Mac OS X Client

Thursday May 16th, 2002

CNET is reporting that the latest AOL beta for Mac OS X uses an integrated browser powered by Gecko rather than Internet Explorer. The article quotes a note to beta testers that states, "If you are surfing the Web, pages will look better, and you can view all the latest eye-pleasing special effects, graphics and styles that Web developers put into their sites."

America Online has been beta-testing Gecko in its AOL 7.0 client for Windows since March. The latest CompuServe 7.0 software already includes a Gecko-powered browser. also has a page about the OS X beta. AOL members can download it with the keyword MacBeta.

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by AlexBishop <>

Friday May 17th, 2002 12:05 PM

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"I wonder why mozilla had to find out about mozilla being placed in aol mac from cnet?"

First of all, MozillaZine is not (officially) affiliated with I'm not sure if any people knew about this but if any did then they probably would have had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

> Doesnt AOL or netscape have a press release.

No, there's nothing so far. AOL probably don't want to make a big deal about this because it's only a beta and they may change their plans (though I personally think this is unlikely).

By the sounds of the CNET article, CNET got hold of the note sent to beta testers (one of the testers probably leaked it to them) and wrote an article based on that. It would have been unscrupulous to put news of the beta on MozillaZine without citing the source. Also, linking to the article gives people extra details and background information.

MozillaZine doesn't have a huge team of reporters to research articles and sniff out information. It's just a handful of people who run the site in their spare time. All the news is either stumbled upon or submitted by readers (you can use the submission form <> to send in anything that you think is tasty). Therefore, using secondary sources is often unavoidable (and conversely, it can actually be beneficial).

I hope this explains the situation.