AOL Testing Gecko in its Mac OS X Client

Thursday May 16th, 2002

CNET is reporting that the latest AOL beta for Mac OS X uses an integrated browser powered by Gecko rather than Internet Explorer. The article quotes a note to beta testers that states, "If you are surfing the Web, pages will look better, and you can view all the latest eye-pleasing special effects, graphics and styles that Web developers put into their sites."

America Online has been beta-testing Gecko in its AOL 7.0 client for Windows since March. The latest CompuServe 7.0 software already includes a Gecko-powered browser. also has a page about the OS X beta. AOL members can download it with the keyword MacBeta.

#11 Eh?

by elzahir

Friday May 17th, 2002 12:47 AM

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How would that make sense?

Rather than embedding the rendering engine into the AOL client, they should embed a separate program which has the rendering engine embedded within it. Mnnn-kay. I guess that would make sense to *AOL*... just not me :)