AOL Testing Gecko in its Mac OS X Client

Thursday May 16th, 2002

CNET is reporting that the latest AOL beta for Mac OS X uses an integrated browser powered by Gecko rather than Internet Explorer. The article quotes a note to beta testers that states, "If you are surfing the Web, pages will look better, and you can view all the latest eye-pleasing special effects, graphics and styles that Web developers put into their sites."

America Online has been beta-testing Gecko in its AOL 7.0 client for Windows since March. The latest CompuServe 7.0 software already includes a Gecko-powered browser. also has a page about the OS X beta. AOL members can download it with the keyword MacBeta.

#10 Re: If AOL wants to hurt MSFT...

by macpeep

Thursday May 16th, 2002 11:48 PM

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AOL couldn't care less about "hurting" MSFT. Like *any* company, they care about their own business and making money. If they bundle, it's not because AOL executives wrote emails to eachother plotting some "big war against M$" but because it's free and it's an added value for their customers and thus, more incentive for customers to switch to AOL and thus, more money for AOL. If you believe AOL, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Apple or Oracle are really interested in fighting Microsoft because of the good of humanity and geeks, you're mistaken badly.