Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Released

Friday May 10th, 2002 today released the second release candidate of Mozilla 1.0, in preparation for the final release of 1.0, hopefully by the end of this month. You can grab it by going to the releases page or by going to the ftp site. You can also check out the release notes and a full list of what's new.

A brief list of what's new between RC1 and RC2 includes HTTP 1.1 pipelining support, the removal of the link toolbar (for performance reasons, still on in the trunk), and this will be the first milestone release with a fix for the security hole announced last week. Along with this, the main focus has been on stability, and a number of crash and top crash fixes have gone in.

Along with the release of RC2, has updated the release roadmap with some rough estimates of what will be happening on the trunk with 1.1, and announcing today's release of RC2.

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by jsebrech

Wednesday May 15th, 2002 3:19 AM

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You know, I'm curious about this too.

What I know is going in pretty soon (but definitely AFTER 1.0 releases) is bug 129115 ( <> ). That's the new dhtml engine, which does to mozilla dhtml what pressing the accelerator does to a ferrari. IE is still faster though (gotta have respect for the IE programmers, they built a fast browser). There are benchmarks of the new rendering engine there. Pretty impressive, if they're accurate.

And then there's the spellchecker (go see on That will probably go in before 1.1 too.

You can always run a query on bugzilla for all the bugs that have the mozilla1.1aplha, mozilla1.1beta, or mozilla1.1 keyword set (currently over 1200 bugs). That doesn't tell you much about what will be in 1.1 since a lot of those are going to get retargeted, but it's useful as a guideline ofcourse.

I've been looking through them, and cherry-picked some of the ones that jump out at you: <> Ability to view rss feeds directly, and place them in the sidebar (without adding some special sidebar app) <> Implement ROT13 - someone has way too much time on their hands here :) <> A way to allow you to block all cookies except those coming from pre-allowed sites. You set up which sites you want cookies from once, and don't worry about them ever again. I like it, and it's needed for IE functionality parity. <> full-screen mode.

Remember, none of these are guaranteed to make it into 1.1.

There are also a few bugs relating to beonex's funded development of roaming support (keeping your bookmarks and cookies on a central server), which should make it into 1.1 for certain. Not that I use that stuff, but supposedly there are scores of users out there who do. Hooray for them.