Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Released

Friday May 10th, 2002 today released the second release candidate of Mozilla 1.0, in preparation for the final release of 1.0, hopefully by the end of this month. You can grab it by going to the releases page or by going to the ftp site. You can also check out the release notes and a full list of what's new.

A brief list of what's new between RC1 and RC2 includes HTTP 1.1 pipelining support, the removal of the link toolbar (for performance reasons, still on in the trunk), and this will be the first milestone release with a fix for the security hole announced last week. Along with this, the main focus has been on stability, and a number of crash and top crash fixes have gone in.

Along with the release of RC2, has updated the release roadmap with some rough estimates of what will be happening on the trunk with 1.1, and announcing today's release of RC2.

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by thelem

Monday May 13th, 2002 9:14 AM

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LinuxFormat was the UK's first linux magazine (and still most popular I think). Next month their main cover feature is on Mozilla 1.0.

From an advert in PC Plus: "ATTACK OF THE KILLER WEB BROWSER! As Mozilla 1.0 appears (hopefully!) we'll be taking a look at not only the biggest desktop app ever written, but how the Mozilla project has changed the world, and the technologies and spin-offs it has spawned." June issue on sale Friday May 24. <>

(and no, I don't work for the publisher)