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Thursday May 9th, 2002

This weeks status reports include updates from CaScadeS, Hermes, mozdev, and MozBlog. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#2 Provide some information!

by johann_p

Friday May 10th, 2002 6:07 AM

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The beonex site provides frightingly few information about what the Beonex browser is: what are the differences to mozilla, what mozilla build is it based on, what are the most important advantages when compared to the current NS release etc, how can I switch between mozilla/NS/beonex, how can I exchange/convert settings and more. I certainly won't download the program just to find out about this the hard way and I am sure others won't either. I see here a problem that Netscape has with its own site: you believe that people just are interested in a feature-laden browser, but they want info, help and explanations, and they want to feel "at home" with the product. Personally - as a user - I feel much more "at home" at and related sites than either NS or Beonex, unfortunately.